Exceptional devotion

Exceptional devotion

Artwork by Pradeep


I’m Pradeep, an engineer by profession and budding artist by heart. From my childhood, I always wanted to draw and paint which can leave lasting impression on the audiences, however never spent enough time to practice and improve my basic skills into mastery. Now, I regularly make time to practice and I want to continue my efforts to improve further. I struggle a bit with proportions and tonal values.

I believe Drawing Academy will help me achieve better drawings.

This is the painting of Hanuman (Indian super hero from ancient times), who is ardent devotee of Rama (one of the avatar of God Vishnu). He is a prime example of how anyone with intense passion or devotion can move towards ultimate realization.

I request to vote me and all others who are willing to walk that extra mile to accomplish their dreams.

Thanks for encouraging

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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