Everything I imagine could be real

Everything I imagine could be real

Story and Artwork from Ezra Brosoto

I’m Ezra, I didn’t quite visualize myself making art growing up, not until I have been inspired by two of my classmates during high school. It was 2016 when I started doing art, but I didn’t take it seriously, I was just doodling, drawing and sketching randomly rarely every month. But I still had the strong interest in art, that’s why in 2019 I resumed on doing art on a more regular basis, and it kept going on to this day.

Before, art was just something to pass my time, but as I get more inspired by plethora of great artists, I’ve had this desire to be like them, to feel what they feel about art. Right now, art serves as a comfort for me, and a way to express my feelings, my mood and more. I love how I am able to express my love for nostalgia through art. That’s also why I’m so in love to classical art, the ability of it to depict the beauty of the past helps me see life very meaningful.

But with all the ideas and visions I’d like to express, I am not able to clearly put them into the paper. It is because of my very little knowledge on perspective rules, proportions, anatomy, rendering techniques and more. Most of the time, I did my artworks mindlessly, I’m afraid to spend a lot of time without actually learning anything.

The Drawing Academy course, offers the great curriculum and help for what I just need for conscious learning. I want to be able to draw not what I just see, but what I also have seen and imagine. I’ve been eyeing Drawing Academy since and their videos in YouTube have been a great help to me already, what more if I have the access to the course!

With these reasons, I really want to win this course so I could learn from such great artists in the proper way, receive constructive criticism, and more art influences.

My goal to win this course is like an art in progress, your vote will be a brushstroke or a pencil stroke that will contribute to the whole artwork. Please help me make my dreams happen. Be a part of my journey as an artist. And I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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