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Duomo di Orvieto

Artwork by Aaron Tsosie

Duomo di Orvieto

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I am an architectural designer on path to become a registered architect. In college, we learned the basics of hand drawing during our first year. We spent half our time drawing cacti and free handing perspectives, and the remainder of our time designing and drafting. Though we had all spent a year drawing by hand, our education was loose and we were left to discover the fundamentals of drawing on our own. After that first year, most of our courses and drawings were done digitally.

Near the end of my college education I studied abroad in Italy for 5 weeks and always had a sketchbook wherever I went. I was able to study the masters first hand through my excursions across the country. Before this trip, I had been merely copying from 2 dimensional images when it came to human form or organic geometry. My approach to architectural drawings was completely different in that I started with understanding proportions. I drew what I knew before I drew what I saw. This piece, Duomo di Orvieto, exemplifies that practice. It was composed in situ over 8 hours (4, 2 hour sessions) of sketching in front of the church. I used a scratch piece of paper as a ruler to measure the proportion of the elevation and infilled the remaining detail and gilded portions of the drawing.

What I am seeking from the Drawing Academy is an understanding of not only technique, but the methodology and practice of art. From the courses I have previewed thus far, the Drawing Academy does this quite well and I have already learned much. I want to strengthen my foundations so I can share this with those around me in both my career and personal work. I share the Drawing Academy’s mission to teach others and utilize drawing as a way of thinking. I am currently teaching interns at our firm the basics of hand drawing. By strengthening my own understanding, I hope to pass this on to anyone that wants to learn to draw.

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