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Dumbledore Lives

Dumbledore Lives

Artwork by Wendi Macpherson

Hello to all reading this and thank you in advance for your time. For me art is therapy. I say this because I am on forced retirement from work due to multiple health concerns. Drawing and creating allows me to drift away from the pain and hopelessness that chronic illness brings. I started drawing when I was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago. At first I could hardly hold the pencil but I was determined to persist. Learning to draw and producing portraits that people recognize gives me back a sense of accomplishment and self worth. Anyone with or who knows someone with chronic illness will understand this. I share this information not so people will feel sorry for me but to emphasize the importance of art in my life.

I found the Drawing Academy while surfing the net one night when I couldn’t sleep. I was hooked. I love that they teach the fundamentals and basics. The teach you how to draw not how to copy. This is what I want to be able to achieve. I want to learn anatomy and perspective. Sure I could find these on line but not in a comprehensive course that also offers support and feedback. I think these are very important. If you don’t get feedback you just keep repeating your mistakes.

This brings to to my challenges. Currently I feel like I am a good copier. I can reproduce a picture quite accurately. I cannot, however, draw from imagination. Everyone knows what a person looks like. However, without a photo in front of me I miss the nuances of anatomy. I also have trouble with perspective. How big should the hand coming at you be in relation to the body, etc.

I would love to win this course simply because I can’t afford to pay for it. I know it would help me achieve my goals but I am on disability, so no extra money at for art classes. As for why people should vote for me; well I truly believe that people should vote for who they want to. This makes it the most democratic. If they did vote for me I would make the most of the opportunity and work everyday to improve. I would be very grateful for the opportunity.

That you to everyone who does vote for me and to everyone who took the time to just read my story.


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