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Dream drawing

Dream drawing

Story from Maryam Seyedi Zade

I’m a social science student who loves art but lives in a country that does not care about artists, so I draw for my heart cause there is no money, fame or respect for a poor Artist in where I live.

There are lot’s of challenges that I have to face art supplies are very expensive and there isn’t even a good store or art class near where I live, so have to work part time jobs to pay for supplies and travel two hours and a half to find a store for what I need.

I love hypperrealism and I would love to get better.

I would really love to join Drawing Academy to help me learn more about art.

I would love to win this drawing course because there’s no good art class near where I live and I can’t afford to go a Drawing Academy.

I want people to vote for me because It’s my only chance to get my dream and be a professional Artist.

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