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Artwork by Niluh Sudarti

Artwork by Niluh Sudarti

Bali, Paradise

Niluh Sudarti is an Indonesian female painter. Niluh feels strong connection between Art and Spiritualism. She believes that Art and Spiritualism are intersects with the existence of Love and Life.

There is joys and gratefulness she found on Art, therefore there is such no challenge other than simply enjoying the process. Art is like being in the moment, forever. Eternally.

Niluh wants to learn more in Art, she opens her self to grow. Niluh wants to win the Drawing Academy course because she feels it will give her benefits uncountlessly. Please vote for Niluh, she deserve the chance to grow and to give back to universe in return with her spirituals artworks. Thank you very much!

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  1. RIta rihaal says:

    Lovely mom niluh …

    It’s very beautiful paintings..
    that’s true indonesia ..

    I hope you win the games

  2. Niluh Sudarti says:

    Dear Voters,

    Thank you very much for your votes and shares for me. I do really, really appreciate all of your supports for me. I love you all. GBU & family wherever you are.


    Niluh Sudarti

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