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Drawing by Safaa Ramiz Serieddine

Drawing by Safaa Ramiz Serieddine

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Art and crafts became my passion as hobbies in the last eight years after leaving my profession in civil engineering to become a mum and take care of two awesome kids. I am now 39 years old and I look forward to an exciting year in the arts alongside a British artist, who himself is a member of the Drawing Academy.

Art is essential in my life for many reasons – one of them is to encourage and help my kids to develop their talents in art.

In Aril 2016, while studying Entrepreneurship on a course called the Enterprise Shed, I befriended a British Artist who gave me some basic guidelines in drawing and I was pleasantly surprised to find I had a talent in drawing and painting. Because of that I have now decided to make art my profession in two ways.

First, the British Artist and I started a venture creating designs for products and clothes, some of which, I am proud to say, are my own designs. The name of our venture and online shop is called SafRon Fashion and Product Designs.

Second, I plan to spend more time trying to improve my drawing skills so that I can draw better figures and clothing designs as a pre-study for a Fashion Design course.

Drawing by Safaa Ramiz Serieddine

I am essentially interested in botanical art and abstracts, and can draw them quite well, but I need to learn how to paint and draw landscapes and figures to help my future plans as a fashion designer.

The Drawing Academy amazed me, I see it’s the best place to learn the old master’s drawing techniques that will take my art to a higher level, which will qualify me to achieve my dreams.

Even though I am 39, the Drawing Academy course is my hope to get back to a new profession. Everything is possible in this life as long as we have a passion for art, the determination to win and patience to make things work.

I have many Facebook friends and family members who I know will vote for me. They like my work. We all have dreams and mine at the moment is to win this course and lifetime membership and to be associated with the Drawing Academy and once my drawing skills have improved I can then pursue my dream in fashion design.

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  1. Ronnie Rayner Larter says:

    You have been an excellent student and becoming an acomplished artist. You have chosen wisely to enter this competition. Good luck Safaa.

  2. Omar says:

    Saffa always surprises us by her potentials and how she can be a creative and looks forward to make everything gets better, the drawing topic and its joyful colors reflect her wonderful and positive personality and how she always willing to give without waiting for anything in return
    Good luck and hope you win in this competition

  3. Safaa says:

    Just I want to thank you very much to all of you, I appreciate your lovely comments.
    Thank you too to all who likes my painting and helped me!

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