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Artwork by Courtney Anderson

Artwork by Courtney Anderson

Blessed to be a Blessing

Dabbing finger paints eagerly and molding a world of play-doh would mark the beginnings of my ever growing love for all that is creative in this world. From childhood to adolescents every sketch and impression of pencil, chalk or paint on canvas would proclaim my greatest fears and passions to all who beheld them. The strokes first exclaimed deep sadness but soon wandered joyfully into the expanse of, an immensely valuable, life where Jesus loved and knew me as his friend.

Through a lens of compassion and grace I see surrounding brokenness and with overflowing gratitude, the unceasing beauty. What my eyes behold inspires the flow of creativity and my single purpose is that God’s same love, compassion and grace would be felt by those who see my work.

The main challenge I experience in a new piece of artwork is collecting my scattered thoughts and inspirations into a formulated plan or initial sketch.

Once the ball is rolling, and I have begun, their is only one challenge remaining, of knowing when it is complete and fully satisfies the desired purpose of it’s creation. The fine tuning and ever growing pursuit of giving, clear ringing, voice to pencil and paint lay between these two peaks as a joyous valley of discovery in which to linger more than toil.

I specifically want to learn to draw the human figure from other perspectives and with proper proportions since humanity has never failed to be my favorite focus of art. Life’s emotions on the face of a man, woman or child provide endless inspiration and I feel confident studying through Drawing Academy would allow, the soul, of my art to speak with the captivating powers of a profound orater.

Artwork by Courtney Anderson

As a mother of one nine month old child, my husband and I, delight in a simple and joyful small town existence. Currently we’re pastoring the local church and building into the lives of our community in day to day interactions. In the midst of great contentment I still dream of studying art and exploring the depths of this gift, which I believe the Lord has given me, in order to bring joy to Him and to all those I share it with. I would seek to bless others with the fruit of my labors, in Drawing Academy, even as I am personally blessed by this pursuit of a life long dream.

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  1. katelynletts says:

    WOW! Court, that is beautifully written. I hope you win the contest so you can sharpen your skills and enjoy to a greater extent the gifts God has given you to create.

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