Drawing by Lynne Young

Drawing by Lynne Young

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I have always loved the thought of doing art, but never had much confidence in myself as a person. One day Melissa the receptionist who I worked with told me to challenge myself. Well then and there she made me take a photo of her for me to do. The biggest thing I was scared of was doing teeth. Anyway thanks to her kind but firm encouragement I did it. I have done many since thankfully, but this one will always be important to me as it got me on the road to art discovery. However money being a big factor I have not got many books to help me improve further that is why I do like your site. I would love to be one of the lucky winners to keep improving myself.

Drawing by Lynne Young

I go to exhibitions and I see the most jaw dropping drawings, even though I know most have been trained and doing art for years. Occasionally there might be a very natural talented young person displaying too. Brought up in a very poor family we never got the opportunity to develop any particular skills we may have had or even get to now any we did not know we had.

There is so many gifted people who go through life not know about their gift or at least how good they are.

I would like people to vote for me so I can be one of the fortunate winners. But most of all to have for once in my life put something out there that is important to me.

Finally I have the time and the want to prove to myself I am improving and just maybe if I had been given the chance I could have been a good artist.

All my working life I have been in some form of a caring role for others so this is my time and a very new experience to me to put myself out there. First not easy but I am trying. Finally I want to be able to do portraits especially with teeth the correct way and be successful at it.

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