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Drawing by Jamie Edwards

Drawing by Jamie Edwards

J.Me Art

I am British born, living in South Africa working as a restaurant owner with my family.

Art for me is therapy. It allows me to escape to wherever I am painting. With the stresses that come with running a restaurant (especially with family), art is the only thing that keeps me calm.

The challenges I have in art are creativity. I want people to look at my art and know that it was painted by me. I want an art identity. Plus I could do with learning more about figure painting.

Drawing Academy seems like a very professionally put together sure where all kinds of artists or non artists can learn new skills.

I want to win the course because I want to improve my skill set and create even more awesome art!

People should vote for me because with my newly found skills I promise to put amazing artwork into the world. It is my dream!

Drawing by Jamie Edwards

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