Drawing by Izuchukwu Clifford Agba

Drawing by Izuchukwu Clifford Agba


My name is Izuchukwu Clifford Agba. I am a Visual Artist. I like drawing and painting. Art is my first love. I think more of art, I work harder to create and try as much as possible to live art.

Art has played a major role in my life. Before I thought of becoming an artist, I realized it has a hold on me right from childhood. My best expressions were scribbles and doodles. My childhood was toy free. I didn’t make use of any. Reasons were best known to my dad. But pencils and crayons replaced toys; courtesy of my parents, just to keep me busy. I was so attracted to crayons. It controlled my emotions in the classroom that even teachers complained about my lack of concentration. It was out of hand. So many scribbles I guess. Unintentionally, many texts bought for me were defaced with aimless drawings. Local charcoals were of the things that i played with too, thus defacing the walls of our home to the point that it attracted serious cautioning from my dad.

Art had set before me so many challenges. One of them was doubt and fear of mistakes. When I made known my intention of becoming an artist, my father was worried, even my friends too. Their reactions weighed me down. I was told that most artists are wretched. Some said they have empty brains, and had nothing doing but to draw. Some even told me that artists are poor inclined. I was indeed terrified. I had no option but to withdraw myself from anything related to art. But as time went on, my love for art grew more. This time, to put everything I was told behind me, and followed my heart.

In my opinion, learning in art is as important as life itself. I thirst for the secrets of the masters. I always marvel at their works. I want to be a master too.

Drawing Academy would be a nice place to be at this time. Learning is high there. My hope for the Masters way is high too. I will be grateful.

Winning the Drawing Academy course will be like flying first class to my destination. This is what I need. I need the Old Masters Academy course too.

I have made my interests known. I really need to be a member of the Drawing Academy. I will be grateful when voted to victory. I need to create works that will generate more Joy from within. People should please vote for me.

Drawing by Izuchukwu Clifford Agba


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