Drawing by Ian Montgomery

Young Stephen Hawking Portrait

My name is Ian, and I am an artist. I have been drawing for 11 years now and my goal is to become a skilled and well-known artist.

I enjoy making art for people and for my school and community. I like art for fun and hope it will be better than it is now, so I can make it into a career.

I have some challenges in art with hands, some body shapes, styled emotions, and eye expressions. I want to learn how to draw hands, as well as feet, and facial expressions more easily than I do now from memory.

Learning from courses at Drawing Academy will help me learn how to overcome my challenges, build my skill level, and increase my potential for making art a career in my future.

Winning the course allows be to gain more experience in art and learn more so I can get closer to becoming a professional. I ask for your vote because of the time, dedication, and passion I have put into my artwork. I am proud of every piece I have completed, and I have won several art competitions, however, this is the first with a reward for learning more and want to take it to the next level. Voters should also know I will use this opportunity in every way to get better and teach others what I’ve learned.

Drawing by Ian Montgomery

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