Artwork by Nilesh Nikalje

Classical Realism

Hello, my name is Nilesh. I’m a self taught artist who sometimes learn from internet. I am always interested in academic art.

Art is the only thing that I can do right now. People often daydream about other things, I daydream about art. It’s one of the highest placed stuff in my life.

Many challenges. From light setup to sometimes I messed up with drawings completely.

Like I said before, I have keen interest in classical realism. So that’s what I want to learn in visual art.

I found drawing academy while searching ‘classical realism’ in the google. And the academy sounds like what I want to learn and interested in. And their idea about how important is academic art to become an artist of every style.

I want to win this course , because I think I can learn a lot from it. And my pocket is empty otherwise I definitely buy it.

If you think I deserve by judging my work and the things I mentioned above then please vote for me.

Artwork by Nilesh Nikalje

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