Drawing by Aaron C. Miller

Drawing by Aaron C. Miller

The Art of humanity


I am a self taught artist. I’ve worked over the years trying to grasp the art that is humanity. I love portrait work. Art has always been in the fore front of my mind whether at school or home. I was doodling drawing on everything I owned from my pants to my homework. Even today I catch my self doodling when I should be filling out paperwork.

I have many challenges in art; my main one being I have what I like to call Leonardo syndrome in other words I have a hard time completing or knowing when my work is done. I would love to learn from art is acceptance in all things art I find myself in such a strict style its hard to let go and loosen up.

What I think about the Drawing Academy is that they seem to have a grasp on all the concepts of drawing and I would love to learn all that I can from them.

Why I wanna win to be able to further my knowledge not only as an artist but as a human ad well. People should vote for me because I will not quit no matter what; I’m in this till daises are pushing up!


Drawing by Aaron C. Miller

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