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Artwork by Suaad

Artwork by Suaad

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one can believe in you!

Hello, I am Suaad (42 YO) a home staying mom of 2 kids (5 and 1), started 2 years ago to learn painting (copying mainly) for couples of months, and couldn’t continue due to pregnancy, giving birth…, etc.

I need to learn basics (in drawing and painting) that I can learn painting rather than copying. I want to be the artist! and I have faith that I, personally, have the required means, and believe some of the classical art techniques is what I first need. That is why I want to win this course!

I attached my first, unfinished, painting, which is the orphan one I ever did!… I believe I can make beautiful works if I had time and proper teaching. And I think that the Drawing Academy course can be a good start and can fit in my busy schedule with the kids unlimited needs! If you liked my first practicing painting and would like me to make my originals one day soon, please vote for me :)

A Big thank you!

Artwork by Suaad

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