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Drawing Academy Review by Zaraf

Drawing Academy Review by Zaraf

Drawing (and painting) was, like in the case with many folks, my number one priority in childhood and it did not leave me. My art teacher wanted me to attend the academy. However, somehow I ended up with different careers. So when I finally came to my “senses” in the true sense, I found myself to be a rather poorly equipped in my knowledge of art craftsmanship.

I was very glad to have found both the Web Art Academy as well as the Drawing Academy.

During the last years I got a better basis for my art activities and hope to be able to go on forward, following my motto: art and life are … work in progress …

The training in basic classic techniques is very valuable for me, because I consider this to be the best foundation to whatever way one chooses in art. I find the concept of both the Web Art Academy and Drawing Academy, to enable its students to return to the lessons even after graduation, thereby enabling a continuous repetition and enlargement of the techniques and concepts – extremely useful, as it enables me to follow both my day to day wanderings and ideas, as well as come back to the academy to go on getting better in my classical training, establish a better foundation and raise new inspirations.

I do recommend the Drawing Academy, to all kind of peoples interested in art and art education! Especially to people who want to learn the techniques of classical training!

Drawing Academy Review by Zaraf

Drawing Academy Review by Zaraf

Drawing Academy Review by Zaraf

It is a great help to be able to continue studying after the original time of the course and reading your remarks on how for instance .. perspective and composition can be realized in the different artworks. It is quite a challenge to close the gap between the content to be learned and the individual approach to compose an artwork following the best method of perspective.

Your advice to decide for a specific perspective and compose complex scenes is greatly appreciated. Bodies in spaces remains the number one problem… how to get it not too awkward and to come closer to authenticity … So thanks a lot to all your teachers of the Drawing Academy, especially to Natalie Richy and Vladimir London!


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