Drawing Academy Art Competition Launch

Drawing Academy Art Competition Launch

Online Art Competition Provides The Chance To Learn How To Draw Skillfully

A new Art Competition has been launched by the Drawing Academy, an online ‘How to Draw’ video course. This Competition has the purpose of discovering and awarding talented art students worldwide with free high-quality art education.

London UK. A brand-new Art Competition offering as prizes high-quality fine art education has just been launched online. The Drawing Academy awards competition winners with its full lifetime scholarship.

The Drawing Academy provides proper and professional art courses, teaching traditional art skills and drawing methods. The Drawing Academy tutors, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy give classical drawing skills that follow traditions of the Old Masters. Such skills are no longer taught at contemporary art colleges and schools.

Vladimir and Natalie have the vision that fine art serves the purpose to portray the beauty and meaning of life. They promote realistic fine art, show, teach, and inspire by their own example rich traditions of artistic heritage to new generations of artists.

The Drawing Academy’s doors are open for everyone; however, there are so many talented students worldwide who simply cannot afford art education. To give a chance to such students, Drawing Academy has initiated this Art Competition.

Every three months Drawing Academy will award three winners with full Drawing Course scholarship.

The competition is very democratic. Winners are being voted for by the Drawing Academy art community, a very creative and active hub of artists and art enthusiasts from every corner of the world. The Art Community is sharing, liking, twitting, adding to Google circles, and pinning on social networks participants’ artwork pages. They also comment on artworks on the Drawing Academy website. The competition participants with the most social engagement win the prize.

Here is what Vladimir and Natalie are saying about the Drawing Academy and its Art Competition:

“There are many art establishments both online and off-line that offer drawing lessons, but very few provide classical instructions on traditional drawing techniques. We have researched numerous art colleges and universities in America and Europe. To our surprise, there are very few courses where students can learn the Old Masters’ Drawing Techniques by watching a professional fine art teacher creating proficient drawings. That is why we founded the Drawing Academy and filled it with comprehensive how to draw video lessons. Now students can study drawing techniques by watching high-definition videos explaining everything a fine artist must know to draw proficiently. Academy drawing lessons show how an artwork in a particular medium and technique is created right before the viewer’s eyes.

We cover many topics including drawing materials and media, linear and aerial perspective in drawing, golden proportions and composition rules, human anatomy for fine artists, how to draw portraits and models, how to draw landscapes and animals, how to draw in graphite pencil, charcoal, red chalks and back ink. In addition, we also presented an almost forgotten drawing technique – silverpoint. This technique was perfected by the Old Masters of the 15th-16th centuries and is very seldom practiced nowadays.

We help our students develop their creative individual art styles by providing one-to-one personal support. Academy students can ask tutors questions online and benefit from professional critiques of their artworks.

We encourage artists to seek inspiration in the true values of the Classical Fine Art and develop an individual style based on the rich heritage of artistic knowledge and craftsmanship.

At the same time, we receive many letters from artists all over the world who can’t afford the Academy education. Therefore we come up with a fair solution of giving a chance to win a free lifetime Drawing Academy membership. Three competition winners are awarded with the complete Drawing Course every three months.

Giving away scholarships costs us personal time and money. That is why we wanted to make sure that only those who deserve the course win the prize. Not to be subjective, we put in place a very democratic voting system. Everyone can vote for winners by sharing competition entries on main social networks and by commenting on Drawing Academy competition pages.”

While more and more art students want to learn how to draw skillfully, it’s not easy to get a high-quality professional fine art education. Even at the top art colleges and universities, art teachers do not teach traditional drawing techniques by demonstrating how to draw an artwork from start to finish in front of the art students.

The Drawing Academy video course is different. It is available for everyone interested in improving his or her drawing skills.

Now, this drawing course offers truly democratic way of winning the Academy scholarship.

The number of the Art Competition participants is growing every day, showing a strong interest in the Drawing Academy course.

To enter this Art Competition, please visit //drawingacademy.com/art-competition

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