Colour pencil portrait by Clover Lea

Colour pencil portrait by Clover Lea

Princess Peach!

I live on a beautiful, mountainous, tropical island which gives me an abundance of visual (and every other kind of) inspiration 24/7! Having mostly been involved with writing and music-making over the years, I always really longed to do art, but put it on hold until I “had more time.” Then I suddenly realized that if I waited much longer, I might run out of time altogether! So I started up about 2 years ago, beginning to learn value, tone, perspective, etc… in graphite drawing. I started to gain some confidence in it and allowed myself to try prisma colour pencil and loved that too. I’ve also worked in water colour and acrylics.

I’d love to go back to really learn the foundations of monochromatic drawing to fill in all of the education and practice that I’ve not had, because I feel that having a really sound drawing background and experience is invaluable for all other expressions of visual art. I feel I am only just beginning to capture the dear person’s unique spark in my portraits, which is so much different than merely rendering a likeness!

I appreciate the work that has gone into the Drawing Academy, and that everything is well and thoughtfully presented. If I were to win the course, it would definitely be a springboard into art becoming a greater, more serious part of my life, now at age 63, and still nowhere close to retiring.

I love drawing and painting my grandchildren who are ever growing and changing! It feels wonderful to be able to create something that people enjoy, and hopefully, a bit of a legacy as well! The picture I am offering here is of my sweet, almost 5 year old grand-daughter, Autumn Grace Lea, whom I call “The Peach!” Here in this Prisma colour pencil portrait, she looks just like a princess to me, hence the title, Princess Peach!

Colour pencil portrait by Clover Lea

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