Artwork by Carlos Muslera

Artwork by Carlos Muslera

Carlos Muslera, paintings and drawing you should see!

Visual artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I trained in painting, drawing and engraving with Martha Gavensky, Alejandro Boim, in MEEBA, Fundación Pérez Celis, with Martín Riwnyj and other artists.

I thoroughly studied Art History with José Emilio Burucúa.

Art is the main thing for me, I am into it most of the time, and think about it when I am not.

Every day is a challenge for me, as I feel I could always enhance my skills.

I want to learn more about drawing, for it is the base of what I do.

Drawing Academy is such a good resource. You people know what you are talking about. Thanks for sharing all this with us! I’d like to win the Drawing Academy Course!

People should vote for me, because compromise with art is complete in my life.

Artwork by Carlos Muslera

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