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Caesar Augustus Bust

Caesar Augustus Bust

Artwork and story by Angel Alonzo

My name is Angel and I am an artist. I like drawing and I have since I was young. I think it’s so fun just the hype you get when you flow into the drawing. I want to draw well also so that it can help me oil paint better cause I don’t have to worry about the drawing. I live in the US. The type of Art I do is portraiture religious anime and figures. My greatest challenge is first getting the whole face in the paper(I draw big) A little bit in proportions aka the nose and mouth and facial size. I want to learn anatomy proportions and realism. For me, my favorite thing in the drawing is the dramatic transition that takes place in a sketch. From a plain drawing to a realistic drawing or something filled with shadows that come to life and jump out the page. I want to learn to cross-hatch properly I love crosshatching it’s so fun!

I think the Drawing Academy is the perfect place to learn about that. I think it’s a perfect place to learn art aka drawing. I think people should vote for me because I want to get better. I really would love to have this course also as you understand most artists are broke in the beginning! So you must understand! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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