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By Rudy Doclo

By Rudy Doclo

The Magic of Silence in my head

is needed, right here, in front of my Canvas, but it does not come on demand! Getting in the flow of creating art, be it an image from my brain or a copy of one of my favourite masterpieces in history, it doesn’t matter much. It only feels right when the mind is entirely focused on the forms and colours it suggests me to draw. Actually it is not so easy to have no distractions from the environment: dogs bark, people walk in and I cannot be rude to them, the phone rings again and again, my mother in law has yet another (In her opinion) urgent demand, endless interruptions are all around. Except in the very early morning, Halelujah! The stillness is magic.That is so if you can have the luxury to live in a rural countryside, as I do and most folks are in bed. A Movie memory pops up: A famous Chef wakes up and descends but naked to his kitchen to create yet another masterpiece. I am a Chef too. (but unemployed) Could Leonardo da Vinci be my tutor right behind me these mornings? I want to think like him. Can that be possible? Can Drawing Academy do that?

It would be Magic! Thanks if you all grant me the silence in my head.


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