Breath of Life: form and shading

Breath of Life: form and shading

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Artwork and story from Laurel Yatsko

About Me and the Place of Art in my Life: – Art is central to my relationship with the world, all the world. Art is a visual poetry that makes the artist and viewer of the art feel something, perhaps not the same thing. By having feelings you are able to go deeper into the experience of life. Art, creating it or viewing it makes us better at being human.

What Challenges do you have in Art?: – Often my concepts do not match my finished work. This is not always a bad thing, a work can take on a life of its own. But, to plan and execute a work of art takes time and attention. I sometimes fall short on these requirements and rush ahead, only to disappoint myself.

From what I have read, the Drawing Academy provides a solid foundation in understanding and executing art of any artist. I would very much like that depth of experience to guide my own drawing.

Winning any competition is great encouragement for the competitor. I suppose I want someone to tell me that, “yes, you are very good at this”. This would be the encouragement I would like to receive. To improve my technique, I want to study with established artists and art instructors. The Drawing Academy provides excellent instruction and first rate instructors who are established artists.

Why should people vote for you?: – My work at this point is good. Think that my complete dedication to the work I submit can be appreciated by the viewer. It will make you look, question and perhaps inform you. That is my goal. I hope you are interested in viewing my work and will get something out of it.

Thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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