Back to the roots

Back to the roots

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Artwork and story from Kolett

Hi! I’m Kolett, a PT from Hungary with a newly reignited passion for art.

I’ve been drawing since childhood, however I never had the sufficient backing, or time to get a real art education. Now as a young adult I’m finding my way in the world. I’m finding my way back to art, drawing and I just recently discovered my passion for painting.

The more time I spend drawing, the more I feel that my basic skills are insufficient. I feel it more and more that the place I want to reach in art is unattainable with my level of fundamental skills I built up by selflearning.

By winning this course, I hope to finally have the chance to effectively work on my fundamental skills, so I can elevate my works to the next level.

If you like my story dear reader, and fancy my work, I would be more than honored if you supported me with your vote!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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