Artworks and story from Lis Engel

Artworks and story from Lis Engel

A am a painter

I was always attracted to drawing and painting but did not get the possibility of getting a formal art education, but it did not stop my interest.

My first art experience was my admiration for The Danish drawer Christel and when I was a child I started copying her drawings from journals. At 12 years of age an art dealer, a friend of my family introduced me to Oil painting and I loved The color and started painting landscapes from Bornholm. Here I met The Danish painter Oluf Høst who became a great inspiration for me.

My interest in all kinds of art forms were very open, I was very attracted by music and modern compositional music and contemporary dance and performance art.

Artworks and story from Lis Engel

Artworks and story from Lis Engel

I finished my University Education and a PhD in body mind arts and sciences and became an associate professor at The University of Copenhagen in Body, Movement and Aesthetics. But all the time I was painting and drawing but still with no formal Education.

In my search I was so happy to find the Drawing Academy course and I have followed it very enthusiastically and learned a lot about classical drawing – both quite concretely about many possibilities of materials but also about techniques that I did not know but find very beautiful and attractive as silverpoint drawing.

My story of drawing is quite wild – I copied Christel, I experimented and met somatic drawing during my dance studies in New York and Seattle and I have looked at many drawing at museums and art exhibitions, and studied drawing from books and now been so lucky to find this wonderfully Drawing Academy.

Artworks and story from Lis Engel

I like The form very much and think that I have already learned a lot and I know that I will continue to go back and deepen my experience with drawing.

I am so grateful that I did find this drawing course and I know that it will change my way of drawing.

Lis Engel

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