Artwork from Eskilitor

Artwork from Eskilitor

Story and artwork from Eskilitor

– Tell about yourself
A wanna be artist that depends on art to live.

– What place art takes in your life?
It’s a never ending path, one can always learn new things from art.

– What challenges do you have in art?
Procrastination or art block, I wanna learn drawing but sometimes I don’t even feel like touching the pen, I wanna stop that kind of feeling.

– What do you want to learn in art?
Likeness of people and the most important thing is to become a visual problem solver.

– What do you think about Drawing Academy?
The videos are very well thought of, even if it’s a short video, one can learn a lot from it, I very much wanna join the academy.

– Why do you want to win the Drawing Academy course?
To Aim for most progress in short amount of time!.

– Why people should vote for you?
I promise not immediate results but constant progress

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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