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Artwork by TL Blackwell

Artwork by TL Blackwell

TL Blackwell Fine Art

I’m compelled to make art. An artist is the only thing that has ever occurred to me to be professionally. It’s who I am and what I do.

Sometimes my imagination exceeds my skills in a certain area and I find myself at a new beginning eager to communicate what I see in my minds eye any amount more clearly on paper and canvas.

I hope to learn more of the secrets and intricacies of the human form. Incorporating realistic figures into my work has always been a goal of mine. It is an intimidating undertaking but one I’m committed to.

Drawing Academy looks to be a comprehensive program. I feel the support that is offered would be very valuable considering the scope of such an endeavour. Something you don’t get from books and diagrams.

Winning the Drawing Academy Course could be for me a way to accomplish something I’ve intended for a very long time but couldn’t find the right tools.

I think the people who vote for me should do so because they think I could do it’s value justice. I will see it all the way to fruition in order to bring new life and movement into my work. From the very beginning of my practice as a young person pursuing the skills of an artist I have been fascinated with the smallest details. It’s the finer points of a subject that get my full attention. By looking at something and examining the things that make it beautiful or interesting I’ve been able to tell a story that keeps the observer engaged. Now at middle age I’d like to bring the observers into my pieces in a more literal way so I can have them interact with the worlds I create for them.

Thank you for considering me and my work.

Artwork by TL Blackwell

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