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Artwork by Azka Batool

Artwork by Azka Batool

Let’s make colour

My Name is Azka and I am now 24 years old.

I was about 4 yeas old when I started sketching cartoons and flowers. All I had at a time was one charcoal pencil and 12 colour pencils.

Playing with colours was my hobby and soon became my dream. I don’t know philosophy of art, but I am well aware of what I have that God gave me is art of using colours. I used to love playing with brushes, canvas and paints, especially blending, mixing and paint drops. However, for some reasons I stopped drawing painting and sketching a while back.

Drawing Acedemy is the way for me to come back to my hobby.

I would like to start doing art once again. It makes feel good and relaxed. It is a great g=feeling that I could express my thoughts through art. Art is important part of my life and makes me happy.

Artwork by Azka Batool

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