Artwork by Shweta Chaturvedi

Artwork by Shweta Chaturvedi

Shweta’s wolrd

Hi, this is Shweta Chaturvedi, a mom of 9 year old girl, a hobby class teacher, a poetess and a photographer.

Art for me is like the air I breath to stay alive. My challenge in Art is to get better, better and become the best.

I want to learn each and every stroke of pencil which can make my picture alive.

Drawing Academy is the right place where I can make myself a complete artist.

Artwork by Shweta Chaturvedi

If I win this contest, my art career would have more chances.

I think people will love my work because what I do is always a voice that come from my soul. My work is the combination of colours and emotions.

Thank you so much :)

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