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Artwork by Satyajit Mondal

Artwork by Satyajit Mondal

My control over graphite

I have graduated from an autonomous college of fine arts in Bangalore, India. I believe that I can tell my prayers to the creator by doing my work. And my line of work is art. Art is a medium through which i tell my prayers, an unconditional prayer.

The challenges I face are that I am not able to produce quality work all the time. Seeking or making an opportunity to improve myself is a challenge. I want learn all kind of things in art, I don’t want to limit myself to a particular subject in art.

Drawing Academy for me is a great platform to learn and better myself in the field of art. I find it interesting that it focuses on the skills aspect rather than jumping into creativity without having proper basics.

I think winning this course would show me where exactly I stand.

People should vote for me only if they think I deserve their votes. I would want my work to speak for me rather than me telling them. So I hope that people like my work.

Artwork by Satyajit Mondal

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