Artwork by Sameeha Khaliq

Artwork by Sameeha Khaliq

Sameeha Khaliq

I’m a born artist, graduated in Media and communication sciences. As a bilingual writer I write blogs, articles, short stories and travelogues and also worked in media houses.

Nevertheless, after rediscovering my passion while summiting the base camp of Nanga Prabat, I started taking art seriously left my job and took few online courses and started my art journey once and for all.

Some free classes of Drawing Academy expanded my perception towards art and I focused on foundation building than creating fancy art. So I practiced over the years.

My artwork pay homage to the nature and inner journey. As it says, “I tell the tales of mysteries of nature inside out and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.”

I juxtapose elements of reality with surrealism using pen n ink, watercolor, oil paints and charcoal. Through minimal yet rhythmic compositions she conveys feelings of whimsy with elements of surprise. My paintings reflect my inner journey and evoke a sense of birth and renewal by transmuting pain into joy. They embody a strong feeling of the dynamic forces of nature and our connection to its miraculous healing energy.

Nature and especially the “sacred role of trees” that inspires my artwork.

I founded first Nature’s Art Club Pakistan under that I conduct free nature drawing classes in collaboration with Parks and horticulture Authority, and designed a specialized curriculum for nature journaling

Despite of the art education I received, I still feel that what Drawing Academy offers is rare and one of a kind course. To further enhance my art skills this specially designed course will be the ultimate choice. In this way I can also provide my students with solid drawing foundation through free classes.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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