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Artwork by Rafael Bueno

Artwork by Rafael Bueno

Alchemy, music and art

I’m Brazilian, 25 years old, got a psychology bachelors degree, in love with old movies, occult books, jazz music and art in general.

For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to develop a routine of drawing study that could lead me to do it professionally, and although I’ve been successful at developing some of my skills I having trouble to find a job to put them at work.

I’m really happy when I’m creating and really sad when I’m not, that’s the best way I can define the place art takes in my life. My major challenge it’s to do it full time and make a living out of it. I would like to develop even more my basic drawing, composition ideas and anatomy notions.

Drawing Academy is always sending me e-mails with incredible art articles and making me more knowledgeable about a lot of stuff related to this field; for instance I’ve discovered an artist I now admire a lot, Nikolai Blokhin, and came across subjects otherwise hard to reach like “Manuscript Illuminations”. So I think that’s a compelling place to be part of if one wants to develop a cultural mindset to produce relevant art, along with the practical skills to do it.

I want to win this course specially to burst my motivation, to help me improve my skills so I have better chances to do something that makes me happy, and to put me in touch with people with greater experience than mine, but with the same love for art.

Artwork by Rafael Bueno

People should vote for me because I believe I’m capable of doing relevant art, I’m open minded to learn and willing to do so.



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