Artwork by Peter Williams

Artwork by Peter Williams

Bored with the Mortar Board

My name is Peter Williams and I have recently graduated with a B.A. Hons in fine art from university. With my qualification well secured under my cap, or should I say mortar board, I feel ready to put this futile experiment behind me and to start to learn how to paint and draw. This may sound a little cynical, but these feelings are well founded and have their roots in the modern model of art tuition, a model which only serves as an engine for frustration. From this model, the idea or concept reigns supreme, and technique sits in the back benches, suppressed by the Lords of modern isms and conceptual constraints.

This does not diminish the importance of the idea or even the concept. Because art does originate from a source idea, inspired from the mind of the artist who then endeavours to forge his unique creation into a reality. But, without technique this idea is a fruitless dream, a vision that can never manifest onto even the most forgiven linen. Engineers have dreams and visions born of ideas and so do architects, but they also have technique. Without this, bridges and buildings would collapse and machines would grind to a halt. All ideas need a solid foundation and stable platform to reach their full fruition.

It is this solid foundation and stable platform resting on the back of technique that I desire. Time is of the essence and futile experiments may well bankrupt my creative resources. So these new beginnings must have an economy of purpose and be structured towards the creation of real art.

This is why I have decided to study with the Drawing Academy. It is time to throw out the new and adopt the old, time proven values. The Drawing Academy offers such a curriculum, a curriculum based on knowledge.

Art presents many challenges, but the biggest challenge is discovering where real knowledge is to be found. And that is not an easy task. Many years can be wasted accumulating misinformation from this expert or yet another art guru. So the discovery of a true mentor is a priceless opportunity for an aspiring artist, tortured by unfulfilled passion for his craft. This is the reason why I want to win the Drawing Academy course. And if successful I will continue on my journey to master my craft.

I would like people to vote for me because I will not waste such an opportunity and if I am successful I will develop integrity within my work, made possible by the professional support of the Drawing Academy.

Art has always played a major part of my life ever since I held my first pencil and crayon and passionately created imaginary worlds full of monsters, heroes and heroines.

But there have been many obstacles and many mountains to climb and this has left me tired of the endless peaks with only misty views and incomplete answers. So now it is time to adopt a new perspective, hang up the snow boots and crampons, pick up the mark making media in one hand, brushes in the other and with the support of the Drawing Academy achieve my dream.

Artwork by Peter Williams

Painting above – Barn of the Dead. Oil on Canvas 63″ x 63″

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