Artwork by Marianna Vad

Artwork by Marianna Vad

Drawing from imagination

Artwork by Marianna VadI am Marianna Vad from Hungary. I am 32 years old and I have always interested in art.

I love to write poems both in English and in Hungarian and I love to draw. However, I should learn a lot to do it professionally, which is my dream. Besides writing and drawing, I like manipulating pictures on my computer because with this tool I can create a lot of interesting things. But, not long ago, I realized that I could only deliver my thoughts and feelings in the best way if I knew each and every technique in connection with drawing.

My biggest dream is to be able to draw anything from my imagination, but I can’t now. If I am not copying a photo, I draw like a child, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I have numerous ideas in my head waiting for realization. For example, I would like to illustrate my poems or storybooks.

In drawing I have problems with proportions. Without measuring some points my figures look catastrophically. I would like to learn everything I need to be able to draw people, animals, and landscape with the right proportions. I have seen that in Drawing Academy you teach not only proportions in a perfect way, but also a lot of other elements of drawing, such as architecture, anatomy, landscape and so on.

When I visited the web page of Drawing Academy for the first time, I was very happy to see that everyone can learn the classical style of drawing online. Then I looked through the whole website and it was very satisfying to see that the content was very high quality as well.

If I won the Drawing Academy course, I would be very happy because in this way I can learn all the things need to be a real artist. I know that I have found the best place to reach my goals in drawing and I am very grateful for this excellent possibility.

Please, vote for me because I want to express myself in the best and the most professional way in drawing and with my art I would like to give happiness to people who love beautiful drawings.

Kind regards,

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