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Artwork by Manjary Pant

Artwork by Manjary Pant

My Dreams on my way

Born in a rich culture and Tradition of a North Indian family, I grew up all my age as an art lover. Since childhood art has always been my keen interest and that kept me busy during all my open hours but never thought of it as a full time carrier path. After years of doing it as a hobby, came to realize this as my true desire and to take it as a full-time carrier in my life. I started to explore Art as a serious Profession which requires an abundant practice and devotion towards the same.

One would say life has two parts to balance – work and personal life. As I intend to make art as a profession, my passion that keeps my personal life enriched will be filling my work time in a more systematized form. As a mother of two and a full time homemaker, Art largely helped me to realize the importance of balancing the various colors and elements which will make my personal life also a beautiful Painting.

Though I attended many short programs even from Professional Artists at some instances, that all introduced me to various nuances in Arts but I still needed the assurance to develop into a full-fledged Arts Professional. This was also contributed by the lack of practice and exposure to the wider Arts world.

Within learning deeper Arts also I wanted to focus on human and animal Anatomy, Portraits and creative advancement for which the Drawing Academy would be the right platform.

For a true Artists, learning Arts is a never ending process entire lifetime that requires also the continued efforts and devotion. Being part of the Drawing Academy will give me the needed exposure and encouragement. The structure in which Drawing Academy functions (with reviews and feedbacks) is very motivating for the upcoming Artists. Also, the detailed explanations and immediate response to queries from the instructors help in boosting the confidence and improving the techniques of an Artist.

Participating and at times winning any Arts competition will boosts me to evaluate my position amidst my peers and also increase my confidence to take up further Arts challenges.

As per Loelho’s words “People are capable, at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of.” This piece of art ‘My Dreams on my way’ is a picturization of me dreaming of becoming Professional Artist. I conceptualized this art one fine evening when I was involved talking to my inner self thinking about how a way will open before me if I wholeheartedly try for what I wish to have. When the art took its form it was a bliss playing with monotones and the final touch.

The message I want to convey through this art is that one should have dreams and the will to fulfill the dreams by taking necessary efforts. Please vote for me if you could relate to this idea and are having dreams awaiting to come true.

Artwork by Manjary Pant

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