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Artwork by Linda Powell

Artwork by Linda Powell

Going Back to My Childhood

I am a 69 year old wife, mother, granddmother, and great-grandmother. I am a retired Doctor of Psychology. I am finally able to create as I used to do when I was younger. There is time, now, where there wasn’t before.

Art has always been a part of my life. Sometimes it was on the back burner; however I always found ways to incorporate some creativity into my daily lie. Even when it was “on the back burner” it was simmering in me looking for an outlet.

My challenge is wanting to learning new skills. There are so many new products and new ways of doing art that I realize that there is more for me to learn than I will be able to in this last chapter of my life. But, no regrets. I keep on learning something new everyday. Trying it out and seeing if I want to incorporate it into my art making.

I want to learn everything except oil painting or encaustic. For some reason, I have no desire even though I use oil pastels in my sketchbooks and mixed media pieces. And, who knows, this might change someday. Right now, though, these are the only things that I DON’T want to learn.

From what I could see for free, Drawing Academy is something from which I could learn a lot. I want to win, because I can’t spend the money on the Academy. My husband has heart challenges and we have to save our money to pay the medical bills that come from that. Don’t get me wrong. I do spend money on Supplies and other courses that are less expensive, so I am willing to spend a budgeted amount for my art. And, I am supported in this by family and friends who give me gift cards to buy what I need.

People should vote for me because I have some skills and talents and would love to win the Drawing Academy course. It would validate what I have been doing and that would be such fun!

Artwork by Linda Powell


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