Artwork by Lia, Drawing Academy student

Artwork by Lia, Drawing Academy student

So happy to have meet you!

Hello everybody! I have just started the Drawing Academy course, and I am so, so happy!

I’ve started to paint during high school, but only just simple drawings, nothing serious. After a very sad moment in my life, I was starting to look for something to repair the broken part inside of me. After a while, a good friend asked me to help her little boy who is suffering from a very rare disease, and to paint for him, for an auction that she wanted to prepare in Greece, where they actually live. I’ve never putted down the brush since then.

Artwork by Lia, Drawing Academy student

I enjoy every moment when I have a little bit of time for myself and for picture, time to transform a white paper/canvas into something that I am truly hoping that will give joy to the public, by simply watching it. I don’t know if I am gifted with talent in painting, but I know for sure that I am doing the right thing following this drawing course, and I am very anxious to absorb all the information offered here, which for me is tremendously precious.


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