Artwork by Kim Brancato

Artwork by Kim Brancato

Live as you dream!

Hello everyone!

I’m a self-taught artist. I’ve always dreamed to be an artist but none in my family truly see it unless my twin sister and now my fiance.

Art is now at the first place in my life because I left all my works to follow what my heart desires most.

I started to paint with oils 5 months ago and literally felt deeply in love, I’ve always used charcoal pencils but oils blown my mind!

I would like to have a chance to learn more about “art secrets” because I haven’t the opportunity to go at art classes or to watch some artist while they were working even if I live in Rome! I knew some hyperealistic painters but they keep their secrets therefor I’m learning by myself but I’d like to learn how to fix mistakes or to avoid them or, simply, just learn what every artist should for his/her self growing.

Oh boy! I’m answering as an interview but, believe me, it’s hard to talk of how mad you desire something and not to seems needy…I hope to win this course because art is extremely expensive and I really can’t afford it right now, I’m seeing this competition as a “Kim for president” thing and try to write what I really think not what you what to read (as politicians)… hahahahaha! Anyway, if you like my first oil paint please vote for me and give me a chance to grow with true Masters.
Thaaaaank yooouuu!!!! :)

About this painting, it’s dedicated to my mother in law, she passed way on July 2016 and if you zoom into the iris you can see her profile, it’s the other way to hang a mini portrait and watch it when your heart hurt…at the beginning I planned to paint this art work in black white but I’ve changed my mind during the process because I thought earth and sky fits properly to the idea of the final purpose.

Artwork by Kim Brancato

I named it The Reflection of Love
The size is 100 x 70 (in cm)

The technique is oil on coton canvas pre-prepared with universal preparation but I also retouch it by following old masters preparation techniques for canvases that I’ve read on books to make the surface smoother and ready for realistic style.

Ok, I guess it’s all.
Thank you for reading my poem :) for your vote :) and your precious time.

Best regards. Kim Brancato

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