Artwork by Jeff Barnum

Artwork by Jeff Barnum

Apocalypse and Peace

I am 46 years old and just starting my art “career.” My art is about the spiritual life of human beings, the inner processes we go through as we grow and mature and gain wisdom. Sometimes this brings pain and trial, but there is also winning through. My work is about this process.

Art is both my refuge and my voice — where I go to explore, and where I communicate my findings. At this point, I’m interested in the Academy because like many contemporary artists, I never learned classical traditions, and as a result, my representational skills are quite limited. My skill in rendering the human figure is no where near what I’d like it to be.

I believe that as I learn more classical traditions and skills, I’ll be able to mature and grow my visual language, and create more powerful representations in drawing and painting. The Drawing Academy is the first online course I’ve seen that meets my needs. I’m impressed with the layout, the content, and the brand promise.

I’d like to win the course so that I can learn the discipline and know-how needed to draw more accurate depictions of the human form. The other things I’ll learn will also expand my ability to more powerfully depict my subject matter.

Please vote for me so that I can fulfill my potential as a visual artist. I have a message for today’s world — and need the Drawing Academy to more powerfully deliver it! Thank you!

Artwork by Jeff Barnum

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