Artwork by Enerida Lama

Artwork by Enerida Lama


Hi there!
I’m Enerida and I’m 16. I was born in Albania and I still live there. Art is a very important part of my life. Whenever I want to feel relaxed or happy I try to draw something. I have always been praised of how much talented I was, but for me it was never enough. I have always wanted to progress more.

One day I want to be someone whom other people see as an idol. I want to make realistic drawings that look like pictures.

I found out about Drawing Academy when I was surfing the internet and I really liked the idea of entering in a competition. I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I want to improve my skills and for doing that I have to believe in myself. This belief can only be attained by winning this competition.

People should vote me if they like my art. They should support me so I can do better in the future.
Thank you for reading my “Story”.

Artwork by Enerida Lama

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