Artwork by Janet Reed

Artwork by Janet Reed

I left the career I loved in law enforcement and became self employed. Giving up my career was a horrible transition for me. An incomparable loss. Art has taken my mind away from what I have lost and to a new place. A place of joy and laughter. I found a child hidden in the adult. I had no idea that kid was still around.

Something made me start drawing a year ago. I kept at it. I literally burned hundreds of pieces of paper that I hated to every one piece of paper I kept.

I read, I searched the internet, I bought supplies, supplies, supplies. I visited galleries and museums when I went to “town.”

I burned more paper.

My challenge is to let myself go and follow where my mind and the paint or pencil take me. No pre convictions about what is pretty and what is not. No working to please someone else. Pleasing myself. Just letting the paint or pencil speak for me. I want my work to flow with the rhythm of my life.

I want to learn to manipulate the media and to learn techniques that make my work recognizable and relevant. I want to chronicle the things around me but I also want to please the child I have found and make that child laugh.

I want someone to teach me to record and embellish and to create a recognizable statement.

Art is a skill I want to work at and to master.

I have taken several online art courses because I live on a mountain no where near art facilities. I have studied the curriculum of the Drawing Academy and I believe I can bring my work to a new level with that instruction. I’d like to win the course because I just can’t afford it otherwise.

If you vote for me you will have voted for someone who will work hard at and with the instruction and in gratitude will paint their world.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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