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Artwork by Jamie Holmes

Artwork by Jamie Holmes

I need this course and your expertise

9 years ago I graduated from an art college. I was extremely excited and was looking to accomplish my dream of becoming a professional artist.

Today I am a full time artist with a successful art studio. I also teach private lessons to selected clients on one-on-one basis. Through the years I have motivated young artist to never stop studying art. We can never say we know it all. It also so happens that lots of my students enrolled at universities and competed their master degrees in art. I am still their own private tutor that will always play a role in their lives.

I can never sit back and think I know everything. My knowledge that I gathered through these years are just not enough anymore.

When I stumbled across the Drawing Academy website I was overwhelmed with the sharing of your knowledge and giving credit to the old masters. I never studied art history but I do realise the values of the skill of the masters. I believe that art is not a talent but a technique and any person can become a great artist.

After reading Drawing Academy tutors’ answers and articles, I realized that I know so little about drawing and traditional art techniques. I just can’t imagine that my art college gave me so little in terms of education.

I desperately what to win this drawing course.

If you work hard on something, any talent is achievable. I am at a place where I need help to grow further in my career. My students believe I don’t make mistakes. Well, they are wrong. I need this course and your expertise to help me achieve higher levels that I can think possible.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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