Artwork by Izumi Hope

Artwork by Izumi Hope

A powerful, infinite, universal language of beauty

I am commencing university this year and disappointed that I have been advised by artists and art teachers to steer clear of university fine art degrees if I want a classical art education.

I discovered portraiture in my final years of high-school, and completed a body of work made up of portraits for my high school certificate. Working from photographs I spent hours obsessing over hyperrealistic detail, both in my pencil drawings and oil paintings as I do not posses the skills to work freely and move away from the confines of what I see, tied down by my strive for absolute perfection and not an interpretation of what I see in pencil/brush strokes controlled by feeling (my paintings are in no way hyperreal like those of famous social media artists).

I am going to university, not studying a fine art degree, as I must be realistic about my future but access to the Drawing Academy course will give me an opportunity in my own time, to learn the fundamentals of conveying an image I desire to create, a face I wish to paint, in a way unique to myself, to give myself a voice in a powerful, infinite, universal language of beauty.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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