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Artwork by Elizabeth Cameron

Artwork by Elizabeth Cameron

Hungry for complete all encompassing art training

Hi, I am a 67 year old grandmother from New Brunswick, Canada.

I have been drawing and painting off and on all my life, but get frustrated with my efforts because there is so much I don’t know and have never been able to find a source where I could learn the things I want to. I want to reach a point in my drawing ability where I can draw whatever is in front of me with confidence and skill. Right now I have the desire but when I try I don’t know where to start or how to proceed.

I have been reviewing the Drawing Academy courses and they seem to be just what I am looking for. However, my only source of income is my pension and every penny counts, so I can’t afford the cost of your course.

I want to learn well enough to market my artwork and supplement my income.

I also absolutely LOVE to draw!

For these reasons, I hope to be considered as a person worth of winning this contest.

My entry is titled “Self Portrait”. It is done in Prismacolor colored pencils.

Artwork by Elizabeth Cameron

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