Artwork by Dan Skaggs

Artwork by Dan Skaggs


I am 72 years old. I have a masters degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Sculpture. After bouncing around the world as a surfer and being a self employed cabinet maker, I returned to my first love, Sculpture. I have had a 30 year career as a sculptor. I displayed my sculpture at the Festival Of Arts in Laguna Beach. One year I displayed a sculptural waterwall. I was taken aback by the interest it received. It was chosen for purchase by the Festival Of Arts for it’s permanent collection. The next summer, it is an 8 week show every summer, I decided to show another water feature along with my sculpture. With a family to support and a public hungry for water features and “feng shui”, I was discovering this a viable way to earn a living as an artist.

One year, my daughter needed braces. The dilemma became….Am I an artist of a father. My decision was to be a father and I abandoned pure sculpture and focused purely on waterwalls. Well, the rest is history. My career too off with commissions all over the US in hotels, hospitals and private residences. Always avoided employees, and tried hard not to be such a success that I became a businessman instead of an artist. Well, the heavy lifting required finally took it’s toll and my body started wearing out, and I realized I had no future In 3-Denensional art.

With a burning desire to stay creative, I have endeavored to switch my passion to drawing. Not that interested in traditional realism, but realizing that the more skills you have as an artist, the more freedom you have to realize your ideas, I am trying out for this Drawing Course.

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