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Artwork by Clinton Artisto


I am Clinton Artisto. An artist from kibera Nairobi. I started painting when I was in class seven. I have exhibition my work at Nairobi national museum.

Art has enable me to educate my self from primary to highschool, it also feeds me and also made me whom i am today.I have also meet great people through art .I see art as a key to success.

People in my surrounding don’t appreciate art and art material are expensive plus marketing is it easy.

I want to learn art history at least to have more ideas because am a self taught artist. I need art education to sharpen my work.

Drawing Academy is for people who have passion in art but doesn’t have that chance. It’s like an open platform to learn the basic design of art and sharpen what one knows about art or thinks about art.

Winning this will open up my mind as an artist and maybe help me to originate my own style of work as an artist. It also gives me an opportunity to be in art class for the first time.

People should vote for me because I can’t afford the fees to join a an art class since am from the slums and just finished my highschool level of education.

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