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Artwork by Benjamin A Bayma

Veteran finds hope in Art!

I am a disabled U. S. Navy veteran from the Vietnam era. Born in rural Michigan of a blue-collar Polish family immigrants, I was never exposed to fine art. I suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which severely affects my concentration and short term memory as a result of my military service.

With the encouragement of a Veterans Administration Counselor, I took some drawing and painting workshops and studied self teaching books and found that they helped me to begin a road to recovery. Literally, art saved my life and has given me hope for the future. Drawing and painting have been therapy for me and I am thankful I found art. It has improved my ability to concentrate and improve my short term memory.

However, I have been challenged in my drawing and painting by the lack of skills to convey my thoughts, views and impressions onto the paper and canvas of my work in a realistic convincing manner. It frustrating to be tongue tied when when you know what you want to say but do not have the tools to say it.

I want learn those constructive drawing skills of the masters to competently draw what I see and know in my mind as being a true representation of what I want to convey. An artist friend told me you must first learn to draw before you can paint. I want to learn to draw. I sincerely know that to be true.

I have searched many art schools and workshops locally trying to find one I could afford and attend which could give me those drawing tools. After viewing the demos and YouTube of the Drawing Academy I found what I feel will meet my needs and be accessible for veterans like me. The course materials are clear, easily understood, and based in the classic traditions not readily found in contemporary education institutions.

My desire to win the Drawing Academy course is driven by my knowing that learning what it has to offer will further improve my ability to return to a near normal life. Being able to share and communicate my inner most in a representational manner to everyone so they can understand my feelings, hopes, and desires without even knowing what art really is makes me want to win. People should know voting for me is helping a veteran to regain his place in society and be a contributing example for other Vets who suffer from PTSD.

Artwork by Benjamin A Bayma

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