Artwork by Alevtina Caravona

Artwork by Alevtina Caravona

Star Seed Fairy

My name is Alevtina Caravona. I am Russian, but for a last 15 years London become my home. I am married & have a beautiful 6 years old daughter. My professional background is fashion stylist & model. I graduated from Istituto Marangoni with Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Styling. Trough my degree I developed a foresight & intuitive sense for fashion & art. During my course I was also study graphic design & history of Art.

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I was always fascinated by art & my friends are artists, but funny enough I never tried to draw until the last November. For some reason I thought I didn’t have a talent or passion to try to be an artist.

But in my styling work I like to project & express bright colours, surreal & historical references, dreams & feelings .

So back to last November, suddenly I was truly inspired & I just have a Feeling, that I really like to try to create a painting of Buddha. I didn’t have any skills or idea how my oil painting will look or how to work with oil paint, but I passionately try every single day for two months & I called it The Enlightenment of Buddha.

It did really change everything, because I realised that I am an artist, and that I have this special talent, which I discovered at 34 years old.

So at the beginning of January I took 1 hour on line class “how to draw a baby” with Sandra Angelo, because I really wanted to do a portrait of my daughter. That gave me more confidence & then I decided to draw my family members & friends as a gifts portraits for them.

By this March I was convinced that I really like to learn how to paint oil portraits & I started evening portrait course in Heatherleys school of fine art. I was really lucky to meet a wonderful teacher Geanluca Rottelli .

The work I submitting called Star Seed Fairy is an oil portrait I painted in class from the life model, but it changed within last two weeks completely. Sometimes I think that the paintings have life of their own. I would like to project realism in my art work but on edge with surreal & spiritual fantasies.

Artwork by Alevtina Caravona

Furthermore, I being on the path of artist less then year, but it feels like I accomplished a lot. I will continue my art course this October.

I like to have a chance to win the Drawing Academy Course because I feel that I can learn a lot from the masters. I am really humble person & I have to admit that still don’t know how to do a perfect proportion for human figures.

Please vote for me, because I really need your support! I have endless motivation & passion and I would like to share my art with people to bring more lights & positive energy through art works.

With love & gratitude,


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