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Artwork by Aaronn

Artwork by Aaronn

Help me paint a better life!

Hello, my name is Aaronn. I’m 21 years old and I enjoy fine art to the core.

Art, in general, takes first place in my life. Whenever I feel drowned out by the busy world and need any inspiration, I remind myself of the art that is in everyday life. The challenges that I personally have in art are not really challenges. The love that I have for art helps me to see them as little games. When I cannot figure out how a certain composition came to be, it is fun to figure it out. It brings me personal great joy to try & figure out how what I see came to be and the different ways it can be represented. It wouldn’t be a false statement to say I want to learn everything; I want to be able to paint from sight and from my imagination. I don’t want to limit myself as to what I can create, which is why I found Drawing Academy.

I really want to win because, if I do, it would help me in more ways than one. I would finally have the correct foundation needed in order to set myself up for a great art career. I would finally have the tools needed to give others true inspiration. I would finally be able to be confident in my work because I know I am getting top tier traditional training. I can keep the traditions of the old masters alive and have confidence that one day I can become a new master myself. To immerse myself fully into art is my dream, no never stop learning. If people vote for me, they can personally see that the Web Art academy yields great results. If I win, I will take everyone along my journey and document my progress. They would be able to see first hand the potential that can be realized by an individual who is committed to improvement and who has a never ending love for the game of art and painting. My journey would become their journey.

Artwork by Aaronn


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