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Art Spirit, My Spirit

Art Spirit, My Spirit

Story and artwork from Ernesto Makhno

My life’s aspiration is to paint and draw like an Old Master, such as Rembrandt, Carravaggio, Durer, Ingres or other latter masters like Antoine Watteau and William Bourguereau.

I know without a doubt the Drawing Academy can help me attain that with their knowledge and mentorship combined with my perpetual devotion and hard work. I seek a classical foundation that will help me create in the realist expression as the above the mentioned masters. There is nothing else that matters in life now that I have the ample time and luxury to do so. I simply lack the foundation that wasn’t available at the universities I attended in my area when I was a young student.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with drawing. As soon as I could hold a pencil I was always drawing trying to interpret my surroundings with a ballpoint pen and pencil on simple typing paper. Some of my earliest memories were drawing pictures of my dogs and grandfather who lived with us in a small bungalow in the backyard. From those earliest memories my life’s destiny began: to create via drawing and painting what I knew and saw around me in the realist expression.

The Drawing Academy offers what I need without having to physically go to St. Petersburg or Moscow to study what I aspire. The foundation offers the knowledge and mentorship I need become a master in my own right some day,. As stated earlier, nothing else matters to me more in life. I see my potential to excel in this program, the Old Master Academy is truly a Godsent.

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