Art is Life

Art is Life

Artwork by Zilahi Nono

My nickname is Zilahi Nono and I was born in the very heart of Transylvania, namely Cluj-Napoca or Kolozsvár as we like to call it. My major is in Graphic Design, completed at the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca.

As a Graphical artist I profess that the work of a Graphical is the most colorful, the most varied, most creative profession in the World! I’ve tried so many areas that I master: drawing, themes, marketing materials, desktop publishing, book cover designing, illustrating, films posters, etc. Being a graphical artist is an exciting profession and as a graphic I experience daily the inimitable process of creation.

The graphics as a profession to me it is hiding countless opportunities to be remarked in this profession and to work in the area that is closest to my heart. During my student years I’ve developed my visual culture and I’ve changed my view of art. I also learnt to see the world from an unusual point of view in order to be creative and authentic.

My themes are based on Theodor Adorno’s esthetical theory that says: art is authentic if it is critical with the society. This is what Adorno says and I express my message in a piquant way with my attitude, my thoughts and my works.

In the professional area I support revolutionary art movements, graphic movement explosions and computer-made graphics.

I’ve been experiencing everything from traditional techniques to computer graphics, but the graphic design is what can help me remark myself, considering that books decorations, illustrating, placards and commercial advertising leaflets are mainly part of my duties.

Nowadays I actively work as a graphic designer. Although it has been fruitful and great working on various projects I frequently have to face certain issues where I feel like my vision as an artist is misunderstood and it hinders my full potential. However, if I were a Drawing Academy member, it would definitely make its mark, since it would allow me to have a more complete perspective and skillset to tackle on the challenges I face, because I strongly believe in my potential.

Being a member of the Drawing Academy would mean a lot to me, both on a personal level and professionally. Moreover, it would be my pleasure to bring my ideas and perspectives hoping to find equally passionate people to work with and definitely expand my knowledge.

If I were so lucky, and got accepted as a member, my story would literally have a new interesting chapter which would bring me joy and alongside very valuable experience.

Having my work seen and appreciated by you all, would bring new insight and definitely a boost of confidence on my part. Therefore, I need your help to start my journey and I would really like for you to be a part of it. I appreciate your attention!

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